Putting an atomic force microscope (AFM) into a scanning electron microscope (SEM) chamber offers several advantages for researchers who need to study samples at the nanoscale. The key benefits of combining AFM and SEM are:

High-resolution imaging: By combining the imaging capabilities of the SEM with the precise measurements of the AFM, researchers can obtain high-resolution images of their samples. The SEM provides detailed topographical and chemical information, while the AFM can measure physical properties such as stiffness and adhesion.

Real-time imaging: Combining AFM and SEM allows for real-time imaging of the sample, which can provide valuable insights into the behavior and properties of materials at the nanoscale.

In-situ experiments: By combining AFM and SEM, researchers can perform in-situ experiments such as nanoindentation, tensile testing, and nanoprobing. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanical, electrical, and physical properties of the sample.

Multimodal imaging: Combining AFM and SEM allows researchers to obtain multimodal imaging of their samples, which can provide a more complete picture of the sample's structure and behavior.