Lifelong Learning

The initial delivery of a system is just the start of our relationship with customers, and the beginning of a lifelong learning process. All our larger products are supplied with a training package, as well as a thorough introduction or custom training where needed. Our service contracts also incorporate annual training so that expertise is maintained within a customer’s workforce.

For more challenging applications, our network of highly skilled specialists is available, incorporating an international network of partners, colleagues, and customers.

We regularly arrange seminars on various electron microscopy related topics at universities or customer sites, with open seminars taking place at universities.

Overall we believe that sales, service, and comprehensive application support must all function side by side. Our team has a varied background in both Material and Life Sciences, as well as a large amount of experience in sample preparation and electron microscopy across a range of disciplines.

Mats doing SEM (S-4700) training at Kemira in Pori, Finland
Mats performing SEM (S-4700) training at Kemira Pigments in Pori, Finland

User Training

Our team has been working in the Nordic region since 1995, and since then, we have placed over 200 systems in the microscopy market. Our team benefits from a broad range of experience in both the microscopy and materials sectors, meaning that they can work closely with customers across a range of applications.

Global development teams regularly receive feedback on local customer requirements, meaning we can ensure top-down continuous improvement in all our products and solutions.

Joacim and Sasha discussing misch-metal sample in SU5000 SEM