Our team has been working in the Nordic region since 1995, and since then, we have placed over 200 systems in the microscopy market. Our team benefits from a broad range of experience in both the microscopy and materials sectors, meaning that they can work closely with customers across a range of applications.

Global development teams regularly receive feedback on local customer requirements, meaning we can ensure top-down continuous improvement in all our products and solutions.

SEM operation control panel
Mats operating SU5000 SEM


Every customer has different needs. Some are primarily concerned with cost control; some require constant availability while others may want to guarantee cutting edge results throughout the lifetime of their equipment. We have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to accommodate all these requirements, and more.

Individual customers are assigned a dedicated engineer with access to direct phone and e-mail contacts. Because of this highly personal service, the engineer will be familiar with a customer’s requirements and equipment. Of course, a backup engineer is also available if needed.


Mats Eriksson explains : "Spectral AB is the result of a long family tradition. My father Sven worked in the analytical instruments business since the early 1960's. In 1979 my parents, Sven and Marianne, started Analys-Konsult AB who worked with techniques like XRD, XRF and OES.

I started working part time during my materials science studies at KTH in the early 1980's and during the 1990's step by step took over the family business. During this time collaboration with partners like Cameca and Hitachi High-Tech was started in addition to our main suppliers Spectro and Bruker.

In 2002 Spectral Solutions AB was born to consolidate the various representations and to create a brand that was not only an extension of our suppliers. We wanted to build a sustainable support platform for our team, partners and customers."

"As Bruker was growing quickly at this time and was one of the largest suppliers they acquired the business in 2007. During the time until 2012 Spectral was an integrated part of the Bruker business in the Nordic continuing the work with all other partners as well.

In 2012 I re-acquired Spectral Solutions from Bruker and together with the team we built an organisation with strong focus on electron microscopy and surface analysis. Hitachi High-Tech was now our main supplier and we developed a strong relationship with them both in UK, Germany and Japan.

To support Hitachi High-Tech to grow in Europe, Hitachi acquired Spectral in 2017. The small team was now part of a large global operation. Our focus was to keep working with the same partners and take care of the ever growing customer base that we built over the years.

Today, in 2022, we just signed an agreement with Hitachi to re-acquire the business and to again operate as a small dedicated organization in the Nordics. Close cooperation with our partners including Hitachi but with a strong focus on further improving our customer support.

If our customers are happy and successful we will also enjoy being part of their success."

Sven Eriksson and Peder Kirkegaard inspecting a single crystal diffractometer


Numerous means of accessing high-performance electron microscopy are available. Customers may opt to own their systems or rent these with a full service and support package. We also offer the chance to lease this technology over a short evaluation period,
and we can even explore ‘microscopy as a service’ if customers require this.

Mats operating SU5000 SEM
Mats operating SU5000 SEM

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