Customer Care

Every customer has different needs. Some are primarily concerned with cost control; some require constant availability while others may want to guarantee cutting edge results throughout the lifetime of their equipment. We have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to accommodate all these requirements, and more.

Individual customers are assigned a dedicated engineer with access to direct phone and e-mail contacts. Because of this highly personal service, the engineer will be familiar with a customer’s requirements and equipment. Of course, a backup engineer is also available if needed.

We are able to offer a range of support options, depending on customer requirements. This can include telephone support, remote access via the internet, or onsite visits where required. Our advanced service and support systems log all communications, documenting any activity from initial ordering to planned service or routine maintenance visits.

In addition we are developing tools for condition based maintenance or predictive maintenance. By using IoT (Internet of Things) based sensors and connections we monitor the instruments key operating parameters to trigger maintenance or replacement before the system stops or performance will deteriorate.

Loading a sample into SU8230 SEM

Remote Support

Since we started supporting customer in the Nordic area several decades ago we started to use various forms of remote support. Of course the past years with the pandemic has increased this need even more. We can now offer a range of options to support remotely.

Using the "Lens" app which you can access through the QR code to the left we can see through the camera of your mobile phone. We have seen that the live image makes it so much easier to understand what is going on.

It is easy for you to connect and we can document what we do as well as show you on the phone screen "which buttons to press".

The remote assistance app "Lens" comes included in all our support contracts.

We can also offer the option of remote desktop connection to your SEM/TEM or microanalysis system. As long as you can connect your instrument with the internet we can easily connect with our Remote desktop software.

If you are in an IT environment where this is not possible or you are running an outdated version of Windows we can offer a dedicated secure line using our advanced gateway solution. Ask us for more information on this.

The remote support options

Remote assistance

We offer an app for iOS and Android that allows us to see through your mobile phone camera. We can add text and annotations to your view, record what happening or take snapshots of what you see.

Download the app
Download the app
Remote desktop

If you can connect the instrument to the internet we can easily connect to see your PC desktop. You can show us your problem and we can help you resolve it. We even offer a super-secure gateway as an option if you cannot connect safely to the internet right now.

Condition based maintenance

We are working on solutions using IoT technology to let the instruments continuously provide us with status information on critical performance parameters.

We will let you know when we have a solution available.

SU8230 SEM operated by Sasha and Joacim

Support Contracts

We want to provide support solutions and contracts for all customers. You should find a suitable contract, if not - please let us know.

Last year we asked As requirements vary between customers and consider a range of factors, from up-time to running costs. This is vital if the equipment’s maximum availability and performance are to be maintained.

Support plans are generally based on a service contract that includes a specific set of benefits. These benefits could include preventive maintenance, frequent PC backups, rapid response times, cost control, or regular training. More specialized requirements can also be included, for instance, the loan of backup units where required, or specific support for third party products currently in use.

Spare parts are housed locally, regionally, and globally. We also offer a global spare part support service, ensuring that spare parts can be sourced from any region globally should they not be available in local stocks.

Sten operating SU8230 SEM
Extended Warranty
To be ordered at time of purchase, including preventive maintence.
Include spare parts and unlimited visits for trouble shooting.
"The instrument is critical for us"

Includes spare parts, unlimited repair visits and in addition we guarantee an up-time of more than 95%.
"The instrument is important for us"

Preventive maintenance with focus on replacing wear parts before they fail. Includes two repair visits.
"Keep my running costs low"

Includes preventive maintenance with focus on minimizing cost of ownership and costly failures.
"I want to take care of the instrument myself"

For customers who have their own engineers to support their equipment. We provide backup support and necessary wear parts to keep things running.
"We don't use the instrument very much"

For some of our customers the instrument is not used very much and we only support to maintain its value for the future. No visits on site is included in this program.

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