Our network of suppliers

We try to build long term relationships with both customers and suppliers. As we work together we learn continuously about challenges and possibilities that we can use to solve problems or understand materials better. We are always open and try to find new partners that can bring advantages for our customers, making them more competitive.

Global development teams regularly receive feedback on local customer requirements, meaning we can ensure top-down continuous improvement in all our products and solutions.

SEM operation control panel
Mats operating SU5000 SEM

Electron microscopy

We are the Nordic partner for Hitachi High-Tech. We have worked with Hitachi since 1995 and represent their electron microscopy products.

Hitachi has a wide range of SEM, STEM, TEM, FIB and BIB products.

Sample preparation

To get the best results you need to consider appropriate tools for sample preparation.

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Microanalysis tools

One of the great things with electron microscopy is that you also can perform local chemical analysis.

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Image analysis software

You can perform many image analysis operations to extract numeric information from your images.

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Surface Science

Techniques for chemical surface characterization

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