TM4000Plus II Motor Stage
TM4000Plus II Motor Stage
TM4000Plus II Motor Stage
TM4000Plus II Motor Stage

TM4000Plus II Motor Stage

Easily image and analyze any sample in minutes

The new TM4000 II benchtop SEM from Hitachi makes advanced electron microscopy quick and easy for any user. High resolution, high contrast, large depth-of-focus imaging, and rapid identification of chemical element distribution are achieved with minimal sample preparation time.

Key Capabilities

  • High-resolution imaging with magnification from 25x to 250,000x
  • Quickly optimize your results with probe current control and voltage control (up to 20kV)
  • Observe clear topographical contrast with the dedicated Secondary Electron (SE) detector
  • Rapidly identify compositional variation in your specimen with the Backscatter Electron (BSE) detector
  • Eliminate charging problems on electrically insulating specimens by switching vacuum mode with a single click
  • Examine large or multiple specimens thanks to the large stage and chamber (samples up to 80mm in diameter and 50mm in height)
  • Quickly navigate your sample with the integrated navigation camera and motorized stage *
  • Get deeper chemical insights with the x-ray microanalysis (EDX) capability (option), including fast mapping *
  • Automate your microscopy and data analysis with options for multi-field acquisition and automated particle and phase analysis *
  • Obtain quantitative surface metrology data directly in the SEM *
  • Add advanced detection capabilities like STEM or Cathodoluminescence *
  • Observe dynamic experiments in-situ with tensile or compression, heating, cooling, electrical probing, and nanoindentation sub-stages *

* Options

Flexible Imaging Made Easy

The TM4000 keeps usability and time-to-date at its heart, but this is not at the expense of the flexibility you need to truly understand your sample. Choose between SE (surface contrast) and BSE (compositional contrast) on both conductive and insulating samples without prior sample preparation. Both SE and BSE detectors can be viewed simultaneously (separately or mixed) as well as in low vacuum mode. The ability to select appropriate probe current and acceleration voltage helps to ensure the best results.

Left: Chemical contrast (BSE) Middle: Topography (SE) Right: Mixed SE/BSE image

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