TEM Wedge Polisher
TEM Wedge Polisher
TEM Wedge Polisher
TEM Wedge Polisher

TEM Wedge Polisher

The TEM Wedge Tool is used to thin materials to electron transparency for TEM observation. The rear micrometer heads allow radial or axial (wedge) angle adjustments in the sample. Non-rotating micrometer heads are available to eliminate faceting of Delrin® feet.

The cross-sectioning and Pyrex paddles attach using a cam-locking system (no tools needed), allowing quick, easy removal for sample inspection and exact repositioning throughout the polishing procedure. The small Pyrex footprint reduces planarization time due to less surface area making contact with the abrasive.

TEM Wedge Tool Kit includes:

  • #15-1010 Cross-Sectioning Paddle w/3.1mm Removable SEM Adapter Pin
  • #15-1013 TEM/FIB Thinning Paddle w/Pyrex® Insert (x 2)
  • #15-1017 Heating/Mounting Stage
  • #69-40037 Delrin® Feet for #15-2218 Micrometer Head (Pk/3)
  • #71-10040 Hot Mounting Wax, Clear 50 Gram Stick
  • #71-40045 Loc-Tite 460T Sample Bonding Glue, 20 Gram Bottle
  • #69-40050 Glass Leveling Slides (Pk/5)
  • #71-10000 EpoxyBond 110 2-Part Adhesive, ½ oz. Kit
  • Storage Case
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