Ethos NX5000 FIB-SEM
Ethos NX5000 FIB-SEM

Ethos NX5000 FIB-SEM


Key Features

1. High-Performance FE-SEM Column with Dual Lens Mode

  • Ultra-high-resolution observation (HR mode: semi-in-lens)
  • High-accuracy end-point detection in real time (FF mode: Field Free (time sharing mode))

2. High-Throughput Material Processing

  • Ultra-fast processing with high ion-current density (Max. beam current: 100 nA)
  • User programmable script for auto processing and observation

3. Microsampling System

  • Fully integrated sample-orientation control for Anti-Curtaining Effect (ACE technology)
  • TEM sample preparation for uniform lamellas at any orientation

4. Triple-Beam Capable, Delivering Advanced Quality Results

  • Low-acceleration noble-gas ion-beam material processing
  • Innovative functions reduce Ga ion related and other milling artifacts

5. Large Multi-Port Chamber and Stage for Various Applications

  • Large sample size capable system with exceptional stage stability
  • Full range enhanced long-distance tracking (155 x 155mm)

Refined Electron Optics and Multi-Signal Detection

The Ethos SEM column is composed of a magnetic- and electrostatic-field compound objective lens system configured as two lens modes. High Resolution (HR) mode achieves sample observation at ultimate resolution by immersing the sample within the magnetic field of the lens system. Field Free(FF) mode offers real-time FIB processing for high accuracy end point milling. Hyper switching between FIB irradiation and SEM imaging as fast as 10 nsec offers real-time fabrication and observation views with clarity. Fast SEM and IM imaging enables users to quickly find the area of interest with ease.

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