MC1000 Sputter Coater
MC1000 Sputter Coater

MC1000 Sputter Coater


The MC1000 Ion Sputter Coater is a sample preparation instrument for use with a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The MC1000 is designed to deposit a thin metal coating, such as platinum (Pt), gold (Au), platinum-palladium alloy (Pt-Pd) or gold-palladium alloy (Au-Pd), in order to make the surface of a sample electrically conductive and avoid charge build-up during observation in a SEM. The thickness of the metal deposition is variable from a few nanometers up to tens of nanometers by using the LCD touch screen control. Up to 5 processing conditions can be stored.

The MC1000 operates via a magnetron electrode, which means a magnet is incorporated in the target (negative electrode) to generate a magnetic field perpendicular to the electric field on the target surface. This minimizes specimen damage due to irradiation with fast moving particles (including reflected ions) and allows coating with high granularity (smaller-diameter particles).


  • One-touch operation from the LCD touch panel
  • Saves and recalls up to 5 recipes
  • Magnetron-type electrode decreases specimen damage and reduces average particle size
  • Optional chamber for samples up to 6 in (150 mm) in diameter
  • Optional spacer for samples up to 1.75 in (45 mm) tall
  • Main valve to keep the chamber under vacuum when not in use
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