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HitachiMap 3D

HitachiMap 3D software is a comprehensive, dedicated solution for your scanning electron microscope image analysis.

Add color to objects in SEM images in just a few clicks - Reconstruct the 3D topography of your sample from one or multiple image scans - Create 3D effects with EDS/EDX maps - Visualize & analyze FIB-SEM tomography cubes - Perform 2D particle analysis - Measure objects in SEM images (lengths, areas, angles, volumes etc.) - Combine SEM images with data from other instruments for correlative study - Stitch images for large specimens - Correct and enhance SEM images - Characterize surface roughness

SEM image colorization & enhancement

  • “Click and color” tool for colorizing SEM images quickly and easily
  • Apply image correction and enhancement tools

3D reconstruction from stereo pairs

Reconstruct 3D surface topography from two successive tilted scans of your sample in just a few seconds and obtain accurate height values.

3D reconstruction from 4 images

Reconstruct 3D surface topography from 4 images obtained using a four-quadrant detector. 

3D rendering from single images

  • Generate rough-draft 3D renderings from single SEM images
  • Improve visual interpretation of the image

Create “3D” effects with EDS/EDX maps

Build spectacular renderings associating EDS (EDX) maps or other spectral/compositional data with topography reconstructed from SEM images 

FIB-SEM tomography

  • Load, display and analyze focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy image series
  • Associate tomography and chemical analysis

2D particle analysis

Apply powerful particle analysis tools to your SEM data and automatically identify and quantify features in your image using SEM-specific object recognition.

Scale & measure features

  • Set images to scale
  • Accurately measure any feature directly on the image itself: lengths, areas, perimeters, angles etc.

Correlative analysis

  • Combine SEM images from different detectors or with data from other measurement instruments
  • Colocalize your SEM images with spectral analysis data
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