E50 Plasma Cleaner
E50 Plasma Cleaner
E50 Plasma Cleaner

E50 Plasma Cleaner

The Evactron® E50 Plasma De-Contaminator is the most powerful model in the Evactron E-Series family of products. E50 plasma cleaner with external hollow cathode RF (XHCRF) plasma radical source (PRS) combines high performance cleaning with simplified design and simple operation.

The E50 system was designed to be user installed for removal of hydrocarbon contamination from high vacuum chambers such as SEMs, FIBs and large volume chambers. The Evactron E50 Plasma De-Contaminator fits most models of SEM and FIB systems with turbo pump evacuation systems. In operation it provides The Fastest Way to Pristine for SEM or FIB instruments.

System Specifications

  • Desktop controller with push-button operation
  • Android tablet with Bluetooth communication or RS232 serial interface.
  • Simple programing commands for OEM integration
  • PRS with External RF hollow cathode plasma excitation.
  • Vacuum safety interlock and hardware interlock
  • Chassis dimensions: WxHxD:  2”x3.5”x8.6” (44×8.9x22cm)
  • RF Power: 20-75 watts at 13.56 MHz XRFHC excited
  • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz input
  • CE/TUV/NRTL safety certified
  • RoHS Compliant

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