AZtec One
AZtec One

AZtec One

The AZtecOne system combines the simple-to-use yet powerful AZtecOne software and the proven stability and accuracy of Xplore Detector. The AZtecOne system is the ideal solution for carrying out a complex task like EDS as quickly and as easily as possible.

There is no need for substantial training or advanced knowledge of the EDS technique. Users can be trained in a matter of minutes and will have complete confidence in their results.

Easy and intuitive

  • With AZtecOne users have all the necessary tools at hand to complete the task quickly and with ease.
  • Streamlined interface minimises the number of steps to get a result
  • New users can be productive in a matter of minutes
  • No need for the infrequent user to be retrained every time they need to perform an analysis

Accurate and dependable

  • AZtecOne works hard behind the scenes so users don’t have to worry about pulse pile-ups, overlapping peaks and other potential artifacts.
  • Tru-Q® technology ensures that users can depend on the elements being automatically detected and that the correct results are being reported
  • TruMap (option) ensures that the real data distribution is shown on X-ray maps and LineScans

Fast and productive

  • AZtecOne focuses on getting results out as quickly as possible: rapid set-up, real-time results display, reports just a click of a button away
  • From image to report in seconds
  • Fully interactive during acquisition
  • During acquisition users can interact with data in the current or stored projects
  • Quick and straightforward report generation
  • Choose components (maps, spectra, linescans) required in the report and AZtecOne does the rest

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