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AZtecFeature is the world-leading particle analysis solution for SEM. Using a combination of smart approaches, our latest release includes our FeatureExpress upgrade to combine the highest levels of throughput with accuracy; giving the high-quality results that analysts need in a wide range of particle analysis applications.

Fast and Powerful

  • Unleashes the potential of the latest generation of large area Ultim Max SDDs - delivering sensitivity when count rates are low and high capacity when count rates are high
  • Our recent FeatureExpress upgrade – available to all users in AZtecLive 5.1 improves maximum particle analysis speeds from 30,000 particles per hour (pph) to in excess of 120,000 pph

Choice of detectors to suit budget and needs

  • Up to four detectors can be combined to deliver maximum throughput and sensitivity and eliminate shadowing of particles on rough samples
  • Compatible with Ultim Max and Xplore detectors and certain legacy Oxford Instruments EDS detectors
  • AZtec has 64-bit performance and is truly multi-tasking
  • Up to 200,000 particles characterised on one sample
  • Real-time detection, morphology and chemistry analysis
  • On-line or post acquisition elemental and phase analysis of particles
  • Parallel analysis and reporting during acquisition


  • AZtecFeature incorporates Tru-Q technology to provide unparalleled elemental identification and quantitative analysis without requiring user intervention, making it the ideal system for unattended data collection
  • Unique pulse pile-up correction ensures accurate quantitative analysis even at the highest count rates

Easy to Use

  • Even for new samples, results are obtained in seconds - there’s no need for laborious setup procedures
  • Morphological and chemical measurements are acquired automatically and are easily incorporated into particle classification schemes
  • The complete system setup can be stored as a recipe and recalled at a later date
  • Technical cleanliness – identify of the source of contaminants in precision manufacturing processes in the electronics, semiconductor and automotive industries
  • Engine wear analysis – monitor combustion engine health by analysing particles found in engine oil filters
  • Steel cleanliness – analyse the nature and origin of non-metallic inclusions in metals and steels
  • Forensic analysis – detect and analyse trace evidence material in crime science and industrial forensics
  • Geology and mineralogy – identify and measure phase compositions and textures in geological samples
  • Air filter analysis – monitor air quality and pollution by analysing particles in air filters
  • Asbestos - identify fibres in a sample by morphological analysis and confirm the type of asbestos present by chemistry

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