AXIS Supra+
AXIS Supra+
AXIS Supra+

AXIS Supra+

AXIS Supra+ : XPS surface analysis instrument

Our next generation XPS, the AXIS Supra+, with enhanced performance over its predecessor, combines market leading spectroscopic and imaging capabilities with unrivalled automation to ensure high sample throughput and ease of use.  Unrivalled large area spectroscopic performance allows photoelectron spectra to be acquired.  Fast, high spatial resolution XPS imaging reveals the lateral distribution of surface chemistry and aids further characterisation with selected area analysis. 

Capabilities of the AXIS Supra+

  • Large area, high sensitivity XPS
  • High energy resolution
  • Fast parallel imaging
  • High energy resolution, chemical state imaging.
  • Versatile ESCApe software for acquisition and processing
  • Unrivalled instrument automation
  • High throughput sample handling - typical work flow

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