AXIS Nova (XPS) surface analysis spectrometer

The AXIS Nova combines XPS imaging and spectroscopic capabilities with a highly automated, large sample handling system and is the next generation of AXIS Nova spectrometer.  The AXIS Nova is based on Kratos’ proven AXIS technology comprising: magnetic and electrostatic transfer lenses; co-axial electron-only charge neutralisation; spherical mirror and hemispherical electron energy analysers.  Kratos developed innovations such as the delay-line detector for spectroscopy and imaging modes and high energy X-ray excitation sources ensure the AXIS Nova is capable of performing in the most demanding research and development environments. 

Designed for ease of use, the AXIS Nova has automated sample loading, orthogonal cameras for easy sample positioning and intuitive data acquisition software.  A unique capability of the AXIS Nova is the 110mm diameter sample platen allowing unrivalled large sample handling and high sample throughput. 

None of these attributes compromise the performance.  The AXIS Nova is capable of high sensitivity, excellent energy resolution and fast, high spatial resolution imaging meeting the analysis needs of the most challenging applications. 

Capabilities of the AXIS Nova

  • High Resolution Spectroscopy and Selected Area Spectroscopy
  • Quantitative Parallel Imaging
  • Charge Neutralisation
  • Large Sample Handling
  • Delay-Line Detector

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