Beginning of a new era ! : Spectral 3.0

On October 7, 2016, we signed an agreement with Hitachi High-Technologies for the acquisition of the shares in Spectral on April 1st, 2017.
This will mean a tighter integration of Spectral within Hitachi:s European operations, but also a clear strategy from Hitachi to work closer with customers and to provide solutions not only in form of electron microscopes.

We will continue working closely with all our suppliers to provide value and good solutions in the area of electron microscopy and surface science.

Welcome to Spectral 3.0
Mats Eriksson
SU 5000
FE-SEM Flexibility
The SU5000 FE-SEM has forever changed SEM operations. Ground-breaking computer-assisted technology from Hitachi, referred to as the EM Wizard, offers a new level of SEM operation and control. Expert or novice, the result is now the same: Highest quality nano-scale images at everyone's fingertips!
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FlexSEM 1000
Big performance in a small format
The FlexSEM 1000 is a compact variable-pressure SEM that delivers the performance of a conventional SEM in a lab-friendly footprint, and requires only a standard wall outlet for power.
The FlexSEM will change your view of electron microscopy!
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Time for the next generation !
TM4000 and TM4000plus are based on the successful TM3000/TM3030 series but also has completely new electron optics and new software.
Now we also offer an optical image of the whole sample that is used for intuitive stage navigation.
The TM4000plus version also has an integrated SE detector that works in variable pressure, so you can take SE images of non-conductive samples.