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For more information contact : Mats Eriksson

Analytical Schottky Field Emission
Variable Pressure Electron Microscope

Product features :
High resolution of 1.2nm guaranteed at 30 kV and 2.0 nm at 1kV

Schottky field emitter providing well over 200nA of beam current

Conventional electron optics makes the system easy to align and easy to use

Cathode lens mode with in-lens detector and down to 100 V landing voltage

Vacuum system with TMP to allow for pressures up to 300Pa

UVD detector for SE imaging in VP-mode

New high sensitivity and high speed annular 5 segment solid state BSE

Three minute pumping time for specimen exchange

5-axis motor driven stage

Specifications :

Resolution : 1.2/2nm (at 30kV/at 1kV)

Magnification : 10 - 600k

Landing voltage : 100V - 30kV

Frame memory : 5,190 x 3,840pixels

Motor drive stage : 5-axis control

Windows 7